Friday, December 9, 2011


It is known all over the world, that there is only one wind of change which is democracy. However, the kaaki administration has been tagged, an aberration to any sovereign state in the world. The chief of army staff Lt. Gen Azubike Ihejirika, and all armed forces has warned politicians against dividing Nigeria and assured that the army would remain apolitical.
The hackney statement made by the chief of army staff in concensus with the Nigerian armed forces, needs effective caution from the politicians if Nigeria is not in a hurry to lose its fourth republic to the kaaki boys. Nigerians should ask petinent questions that affect individuals well being, why is the military wing warning politicians against disunity, in the face of prevailing unrest circumstance in the nation. Are they planning to chance on the current status of Nigeria to grasp power? Having known military intervention in any state or nation will cause debacle to the nation’s relationship with the outside world, and make such state a pariah one.
A passionate reader will agree with me, various political happenstances, since independence has contributed no small amount to the crawling economic level of Nigeria. The only time Nigerians had a feel of governance was during Gowon’s administration, a military leader, thereafter, subsequent administration contributed to the falling state of Nigeria. The Shehu Shagari administration was mandated to lead Nigeria beyond expectation but the outcome was not forgiven in history. The trait of political maladministration was transferred from one administration even to the current administration. The problem with our politicians is neither greed nor covetous but the lack of prepared mind to serve the nation, even our most sought after independence was given, when only few are prepared and not the large Nigerian’s. So are we to say Nigeria is under colonised?
However, the barometer used in measuring a nation development is observing other nation achievement, and comparing it with ours. Many nations that were thought to be under developed when it comes to the third world countries are stepping up their country to be the best. Let’s cite an example from Brazil, the immediate past president of Brazil, Mr, luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, through his effective and applicable policies, has been able to uplift twenty million Brazilians from a low class, to the middle class, few of the middle class to the high class. What about South-Africa, we might say they were over colonised, but they were able to maintain the standards, bequeathed to them by the metropolitans powers. Coming down to Nigeria, our politicians are indifferent about uplifting the economy.
The affluent life of our politicians indeed needs caution not from just the military wing, but from Nigerians, which I thought was done but they were adamant. The recent trial of senator njume , suspected to be one the finance members of Boko haram is utter disdain which needs adequate justice. Is only in Nigeria a Politician would be established as a sole judge to fight corruption, and how can they bring equity when they never come with clean hands. The sacred cow syndrome is still with Nigerian politician and they have succeeded in transferring such thought to their children, and I ask, where is the future of Nigeria?
This is a clarion call for all our politician and Nigerians, to help protect her struggling democracy from the khaki boys. The warning has more connotative meaning and affects Nigerians negatively. Who knows if our politicians adhere to the warnings, the dooms day might be shifted.

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