Friday, December 9, 2011


The weak nature of our judicial system, has put words into the mouth of Rtd, military president, Ibrahim badamosi  babangida, popularly known as the evil genius, accusing the olusegun obasanjo  administration as a failure. First of all, profiles of the two administrations should be checked, and compared to one another. According to IBB, in an interview granted by him he said, the OBJ administration was a failure by looting public funds and wasting sixty billion US dollars on power project which till date was not accounted for. He said with those funds he will build Nigeria a Nuclear

This is just the pot calling the kettle black, both of their administration has shown insecurity and disloyalty in governance, they both spent eight years in office, and nothing to show for it. The IBB administration spent 40 billion naira on transition to civil rule programme, its administration skyrocketed corruption, the ING (interim national government) that he bequeathed has no legitimacy, and under this administration the international world lost their patience with Nigeria having annulled the June 12, election he was pressured to leave the seat of power and left Nigeria in confusion.

The OBJ administration was nothing to write home about, right now OBJ is being probe on the BPE (bureaucratic privatization enterprise) of companies during his administration. His administration looted so many funds such as the NPF (national petroleum trust fund). Etc   his administration has no policy on education, health, social amenities etc. His administration was known to hike the pumping price of petrol and corruption was at large with so many tentacles. Both of them left office and build a mansion for themselves OBJ build fifty flats, and IBB build a mansion with fifty bedrooms respectively, both of these two rulers and not president never believed in the youth, IBB  once made a statement like that.

One thing Nigerians should note is not to commit a blue murder, few Nigerians eulogises IBB  because of the basic amenities his government has provide, which is the responsibility of any administration and it is entrenched in section 14 of the Nigerian constitution and must be fulfilled by any administration. In 2007 presidential election when IBB came out as a presidential candidate he eulogised OBJ as a father who taught him to be strong, having known Olusegun Obasanjo has its own presidential candidate .why now should he tag OBJ a failure.

It is so sad that these two men still have the effrontery to create an interlude in the political affairs of the nation; since the judiciary can’t bring them to book they have being known to be sacred cows. The former Egyptians president Hoslni  Mubbarrack his facing serious probe, about how his administration was. Only God knows when that will happen in Nigeria.

Nigerians should cast their minds off these men, they should represent the dark era in Nigeria because they epitomise failure, and nothing more. They should look forward in seeing a better Nigeria; they should also support the incumbent administration in achieving the transformation goal.


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